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Temozolomide Tablets

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Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
15 Capsules Temoside - Temozolomide 20mg $103.50 $6.90
5 Capsules Temoside - Temozolomide 100mg $171.35 $34.27
15 Capsules Temoside - Temozolomide 100mg $343.85 $22.92
5 Capsules Temoside - Temozolomide 250mg $343.85 $68.77
15 Capsules Temoside - Temozolomide 250mg $803.85 $53.59

Temozolomide is the generic form of brand drugs called Temodar that is used to treat certain types of brain tumors called glioblastoma multiforme or anaplastic astrocytoma in adults. Temozolomide belongs to the classes of medications called alkylating agents that interferes with the growth of cancer cells and stop or slow down the spread of cancer cells in the body.


For newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme, Temozolomide is first used along with radiotherapy and then it is treats on its own.


What are the contraindications of Temozolomide?

  • Do not consume this medication if you are hypertensive to it or any of its other ingredients.
  • In the case of severe kidney or liver disorder, do not engulf this capsule.

What is the prescribed dose of Temozolomide?

Temozolomide is available in a capsule form that needs to be taken orally by mouth with enough amount of water. It comes in different strengths, i.e. 50mg, 20mg, 100mg and 250mg. You need to consume this capsule on an empty stomach, either 1 hour before or 2 hours after your meal to reduce stomach upset. Never crush or open the capsule, swallow it whole.

The frequency or proper dose of this medication with depends on your condition and the factors that include weight and height.


What are the drug interactions of Temozolomide?

Certain medication can interact with Temodar and cause a severe increase in side effects. Steroid drugs, valproic acid should not be taken along with Temozolomide.


What are the precautions of Temozolomide?

  • Avoid being near people who are infected or sick.
  • Avoid activities that can increase the risk of injury or bleeding. Use extra caution to prevent your bleeding while brushing the teeth or shaving.  

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