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Saizen-HGH 10IU

Starting from $85.80

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
2 Pack Saizen-SOMATROPIN-HGH 10IU $181.60 $90.80
5 Pack Saizen-SOMATROPIN-HGH 10IU $437.00 $87.40
10 Pack Saizen-SOMATROPIN-HGH 10IU $858.00 $85.80

Brief overview of Saizen 10 I.U.

Saizen containing generic Somatropin is a parenteral preparation  which is used to increase growth rate in children with growth failure and who generates a low quantity  of growth hormone. It is also used to replace growth hormone in adults because of either a deficiency due to pituitary disease, hypothalamic disease, surgery and radiation therapy.


Prescribed dose of Saizen 10 I.U.

A person should administer an initial recommended dose of 0.004mg/kg once in a day and the maximum dose of Somatropin is 0.016 mg/kg per week in divided doses.

This injection should be injected through subcutaneous route and the exact dose of Somatropin depends on the age, body weight and severity of growth deficiency.

Conditions in which use of Saizen 10 I.U. is contraindicated are:

  • A person having hypersensitivity towards generic Somatropin should avoid the use of this hormonal preparation.
  • A person suffering from diabetes, pituitary gland disorders, and underactive thyroid should not sue this parenteral preparation.  
  • Avoid use of this parenteral preparation if you are experiencing serious lung failure and diabetic retinopathy.

Use of Saizen 10 I.U. may lead to various undesired ill effects such as pain, swelling, inflammation, itching, and irritation at the site of injection, joint pain, rapid weight gain, numbness or tingling sensation.


Safety tips to be followed while administering Saizen 10 I.U. are:

  • You should avoid consumption of  alcohol along with this parenteral preparation as it may cause the problem of stomach upset.
  • You should avoid intake of soda and fruit drinks while consuming this hormonal preparation as it may cause severe adverse effects.
  • Before using this parenteral preparation, you should always check the expiry date.
  • Diabetic patients using this hormonal preparation should get their blood sugar level regularly checked.



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