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Buy Prosoma | Soma | Pain-O-Soma (carisoprodol) online Cheap Price @ USA | UK | Europe | Canada | Australia

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Generic Carisoprodol Pro soma 350Mg
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Prosoma 350/500mg is a very safe and effective muscle relaxant and works by blocking the nerve impulses carrying pain sensations to your brain.This medicine is used, along with physical therapy and rest, to treat injuries and other throbbing muscular disorders. When pain occurs in any muscle because of the excessive use, the sensory nerves send the pain signals to the brain and brain send signals via motor nerves to react. This is the main path of the muscle pain. You can take Prosoma or Carisoprodol at a dose of 350mg orally.


Key features:

  • High worth product

  • Effect stays for a longer time period

  • Accurate composition


Prescribed intake of Prosoma

Prosoma should be taken at a dose of 350mg and 500mg by mouth. Take this drug along with full glass of water. Usual dosing frequency of Prosoma is 3 times a day.The dose of Prosoma depends on specific condition of the patient and other factors such as age, medical history, gender of the patient.


Active working of Prosoma 350mg

This powerful remedy reduces the membranestabilizing activity, constraints the carrying out of nervous signals in primary afferent nerve fibres and motor neurons, thereby, reducing the sensations of pain.


Therapeutic Indications

Prosoma 350mg gives relief in painful conditions like muscle spasm, stiffness of muscles and muscle tremor.


Side effects of Prosoma 350mg

The side effects of Prosoma 350 mg include pain in the head, immense lethargy, vomiting and stomach upset. There have also been cases of sleeping disturbances and depression. In case of serious side effects such as dizziness, losses of vision and confusionor agitation, call your physician directly to seek a proper medical attention.


Drug – Drug Interactions

Some of the drugs that interact with Prosoma 350mg and modify the action of Prosoma when they are used together:


  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants such as Fluvoxamine and Escitalopram

  • Opioid drugs like Codeine and Morphine

  • Anti-tuberculosis drugs like Isoniazid, Rifampin

  • Other CNS depressants for example, alcohol, tricyclic antidepressants,opioids, benzodiazepines

  • Anti-ulcer medications such as Omeprazole, Pantoprazole, Ranitidine and Cimetidine


Some preventive measures

Before starting this drug, there are severaltips which you must follow to prevent any adverse events:

  • In case of mild to severe liver disease, do not take this drug without discussing with your doctor.

  • Avoid driving and other type of physical work which demand alertness as this medicine may cause dizziness or sedation.

  • In case of epilepsy or seizure disorder, stop using the medicine until directed by yourphysician.

  • You should tell your doctor in case you are hypersensitive to Generic Carisoprodol or any of the ingredients of this drug.

  • One should not take alcohol or alcoholic beverages while taking Prosoma.

  • If you have been suffering from any renal disorder, do not take Prosoma 350mg without the approval of your doctor.

  • Generic Prosoma should not be used in children with age group below 12 years.

  • Prosoma or Carisoprodol is not prescribed for a person who has a history of drug abuse or addiction since it is a habit-forming drug.

  • This medicine should not be given to a pregnant and breastfeeding woman.


What happens if you take an overdose?

Immediately seek emergency medical attention or call the local poison centre if by chance you took an overdose of this drug.


Missed/skipped dose

Take the skipped dose as soon as you remember. If it is almost the time to take your next planned dose, you may skip the missed dose. Do not take additional drug to make up the missed dose.


How to store Prosoma 350mg?

  • This drug is always kept away from the direct contact of sunlight,heat and moisture.

  • Keep Prosoma tablets in cool, dry and hygienic conditions.


Buy Prosoma | Soma | Pain-O-Soma (carisoprodol) online Cheap Price @ USA | UK | Europe | Canada | Australia

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