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ACARBOSE-( AY-car-bose)
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Precose comprises of Generic Acarbose as an active key component which is used to treat type 2 diabetes. Precose is used along with an exercise program and proper diet to control high blood sugar. High level of blood sugar may lead to cause severe kidney damage, nerve problem, sensual function problem, loss of limbs and blindness and also increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Generic Acarbose helps to slow down the breakdown of starch from the food into sugar and hence lower the blood sugar level.


What are the contraindications of Precose?

  • Do not use this drug in the case of inflammatory bowel disease, cirrhosis of the liver or an ulcer or blockage in the intestine.
  • This medication is contraindicated if you are in the state of diabetic ketoacidosis.

What is the prescribed dose of Precose?

Precose is available in a tablet form that needs to be taken orally via mouth with a full glass of water. Take this drug, usually 3 times a day, with the first bites of each mail meal. The starting dose of this medication is 25mg, three times a day. Do not exceed your dose more than 300mg per day. 

Once can gradually increase the dose according to the condition and the response to therapy.


What are the drug interactions of Precose?

There are medications that may interact with Precose and cause a severe increase in side effects. Do not use medications that include oral diabetes medicine, birth control pills, nicotine patches or gum, seizure medications, steroids, thyroid medicine, etc along with Precose.


What are the precautions of Precose?

  • Avoid intake of alcohol as use of alcohol can lower the blood sugar.
  • Avoid intake of a digestive enzyme like lipase, amylase, and pancreatic while using this medication.  

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