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Phenoxybenzamine (fen ox ee ben za meen)
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Phenoxybenzamine, an alpha blocker is used to lower blood pressure caused by pheochromocytoma. It causes relaxation of blood vessels and thereby reduces blood pressure. It has long term effect. It is also used for benign prostatic hyperplasia, hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and complex regional pain syndrome. Phenoxy benzamine helps in relieving vasoconstriction of vessels.


Dosage schedule: For treating pheochromocytoma in adults, use 10 mg two times in a day via the oral route. Do not double the dose.


Contraindication: Do not use if you are pregnant. Never use if you are allergic to this drug. Do not use if you are suffering from cancer, heart problem, kidney problem, and respiratory infection etc. Do not take alcohol as it may lead to dizziness. Consult your doctor before using it in heart patients.


Drug-drug interaction: Some possible drug interaction is with Reserpine, Epinephrine, or Levarterenol. some drugs which alter its functioning are Nexium, Risperdal, Lyrica, Vitamin C, Lexapro, Zoloft, Valtrex, Flomax, and Coumadin etc.


Precautions: Always tell your doctor if observe symptoms like irregular heartbeat, chest pain, dizziness, swelling of the face, itching, rashes etc. It is to be used with extreme care in children and elder patients. Avoid its long term use as it may cause cancer. Never drive when you have taken this medicine as it may cause dizziness. Always monitor your blood pressure tests when you are using this drug. Consult your doctor if you are also taking any other over the counter medicines. Use regularly without skipping the dose. Extreme caution to be taken in patients with coronary arteriosclerosis or renal diseases.

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