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Payment Method

Method of payment-

Our valuable customers can make their payment through e-cheque, Western union and bank via transfer method. Both of these payment methods are less time consuming and offer you hassle free money transaction with few paper work.


In case of e-cheque method, you should make your payment via online or internet. The main benefits of this e-cheque are, it doesn't need paper work and it is a very secure mode of payment. It is an electronic version of the payment process. E-cheque is only applicable for US customers.  

The important steps of e-cheque are-

Mainly the process of e-cheque include three main steps-


In case of authorization, customers give all the complete information through mail, message and phone call.

The needed transaction details of the customers-

  • Name of the account holder
  • Bank account number (4to15 digits)
  • Routing number (9 digits)
  • Phone number (as per the given on cheque)
  • Cheque number (4 digits)


In this, ACH (Automated clearing house) play a significant role in transferring the money from one account to another.


It is last and final step of transforming the money. In this process, you get the confirmation automatically. In any case, of discrepancy call our customer care executives 24*7.

Western union method-

This method of payment is applicable for all customers.