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Minoxidil Hair Growth Solution

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Minoxidil Hair Growth Solution

Minoxidil is best and effective hair solution for those who are experiencing thin hair or gradual loss of hair. It is used to stimulate hair growth and to slow receding.  It is highly effective in people of age more than 40 years of age. Minoxidil has no upshot on retreating hairlines. It does not alleviate baldness; most new hair is lost within a few months after the drug is stopped. It falls under the category of vasodilator and available in the market under the brand name Rogaine. The mechanism of action of Minoxidil is yet not known clearly that how it stimulate hair growth treatment, but it seems that it dilates blood vessels in the scalp, which may improve hair follicle function and stimulate scalp hair growth.


Dosage regimen of Minoxidil

Minoxidil is available in liquid form which is applied on scalp twice in a day. Follow all the information mention on your package or medicine label carefully, and Use Minoxidil exactly as recommended by your doctor.  Do not use more or less of it or use it more often than directed by your doctor. Before applying solution wash your scalp with mild shampoo and after that dry your hair and scalp with Towel, apply the solution to your hair get dried completely. leave the solution on scalp for 4 hours prior to washing, going for swimming and prevent your scalp from getting wet in the rain.


conflicting factors of Minoxidil

Use of Minoxidil is barred if one is allergic to Minoxidil or any other ingredient. Stop using Minoxidil if you are a pregnant lady or planning to be pregnant. If you are suffering from any disease such as heart or blood pressure issues then avoid the use of Minoxidil solution. If you are already using any other prescription medication or any herbal treatment then avoid using this solution.


Side effect of Minoxidil solution

If you are using Minoxidil for your hair growth then you may feel some adverse effects such as burning or irritation in eyes, chest pain, dizziness, unwanted hair growth in any other part of the body, fast heart beat, swelling in hands.


Precautionary measure of Minoxidil

Avoid direct sun exposure from sunlight. Don't apply any other ointment on the scalp. avoid alcohol consumption as it may lead to dizziness one of side effect of the solution, so avoid driving after applying the solution on the scalp. 

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