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Iressa is a useful and effective drug used for the treatment of cancer. Initially, it is used for the treatment of lung cancer. Lung cancer may spread to the other part of the body in a form of tumors.


If you are facing the condition of non-small lung cancer, use Iressa. It is a safe and USFDA approved drug.

Mode of action-

Iressa is a useful drug used to treat non-small lung cancer. The main active constituent of Iressa is Gefitinib. It belongs to the class of medication known as kinase inhibitors. It may obstruct the function of cells, which are accountable for the growth of cancerous cells.


Contraindications of Iressa-

If you are hypersensitive to generic Gefitinib, do not consume this drug. If you are suffering from any type of liver, kidney, or lung diseases, you take this medication.


Dosage regimen of Iressa-

The most recommended dose of generic Gefitinib for adults is 250mg, via the oral route. You should take the dose of Iressa once in a day on the regular basis. This dose may depend on the age, medical condition, and tolerance of the particular person. You may feel some unfavorable effects after consuming the dose of Iressa like chest pain, chills, cough, and problem in breathing, indigestion, heartburn, and severe abdominal cramps.


Safety measures while consuming Iressa-

  • If you are pregnant women, you should not consume this drug as it may harm your fetus.
  • In the case of breastfeeding, do not consume this drug as it may harm your infant.
  • If you are on the preparation on becoming a mother, do not take Iressa as it may affect your fertility.

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