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Felodipine (fe loe di peen)
Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
30 Tablets Plendil 2.5mg $24.99 $0.83
90 Tablets Plendil 2.5mg $74.99 $0.83
30 Tablets Plendil 5mg $28.99 $0.97
90 Tablets Plendil 5mg $78.99 $0.88
30 Tablets Plendil 5mg Sustained Release $29.99 $1.00
90 Tablets Plendil 5mg Sustained Release $79.99 $0.89
30 Tablets Plendil 10mg Extended Release $33.99 $1.13
90 Tablets Plendil 10mg Extended Release $100.99 $1.12

Felodipine, a calcium channel inhibitor blocks functioning of calcium, so that there is vasodilation, as a result of which heart beats slowly thus decreasing blood pressure. Some common brands are Plendil or Renedil.


Dosage information: For curing hypertension in adults intake 5 mg once daily via the oral route. For hypertension in geriatric patients intake 2.5 mg once daily via the oral route.


Contraindications: Never use if you are hypersensitive to this drug. Not to be used if you are pregnant or planning to be a mother. Avoid in case of heart problems or breathing problems. Do not take grapefruit juice with this as it may cause dizziness. Not recommended in case of patients with low blood pressure. Do not take alcohol with it. Never use if you have sick sinus syndrome or AV heart block. Do not use if you are using other calcium channel blocker.


Drug interactions: Felodipine highly interact with azole antifungals such as (Ketoconazole), Cimetidine, Erythromycin, Carbamazepine, Phenobarbital, Hydantoins, and Tacrolimus etc. These drugs alter the mechanism of action of Felodipine.


Precautions: Felodipine causes dizziness so do not drive when you have taken Felodipine. Use cautiously in children. Never crush the medicine, take it a whole. Felodipine can affect your teeth (mild gingival hyperplasia)  so brush regularly and properly. If you observe side effects like difficult breathing, chest pain, irregular heartbeats, swelling of ankles, and headache consult your physician. Do not overdose the drug it can be fatal. Brief out your doctor if you are taking any over the counter medicine or other drugs. Use cautiously in heart patients.  

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