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knowledge Based Ques and Ans

How to purchase medicine from our website and place an order?

Select the medicine you want to buy from our website. Click on the “Add to Cart” icon right at the bottom of the selected drug and also select the right quantity or the dosage of the medicine.  After this step, you will directed to the “Shopping Cart” webpage.  On this page click on the “Continue Shopping’ icon which will help you to buy more medicines or remove the selected medicines from  your cart.  Once you have finished shopping, click on the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ icon. You will be directed to the “Checkout” webpage.  Fill in the form as instructed and click on the “Place Order’ icon to obtain your order number.  Your order is confirmed at this stage.


Where and How to enter the payment and shipping options?

In the ‘Checkout’ webpage, choose a checkout method from the ‘Checkout Method’ tab and click the ‘Continue’ icon. Fill in the billing information and click on the “Continue” icon. You can wish to enter a different address of shipping from what had provided before.  After this step you will be directed to the “Shipping Method” tab. Continue clicking and confirm a fee of $25 for shipping. After this step, there is a payment option tab where you can choose your preferred mode of payment. There are also options for “Order Review” and “Edit your Cart”.


What happens after the order is placed?

After your order is placed, our pharmacy department processes your order and make it ready for shipment. You will  be notified in your mail and registered mobile number regarding the processing of your order and your ordered medicine will be shipped only when the payment is received by us.


How can I track my order?

You will be provided with a product tracking number from our side. If you wish to track your order you can contact our customer  care service representatives.


What if the parcel containing medicine is lost on the way ?

In case the shipment is lost on the way, we shall resend the medicine free of cost.


What if the parcel reaches my home when I am not available?

It will be dropped in your mailbox. You may have to enquire from the local post office in case you do not find the parcel in your mailbox.


Is it necessary to provide you with the prescription for the purchase of the drug?

It is not always necessary. There are some medicines whose sales are regulated and you need prescription for purchase.


Is it safe to buy from your website?

All our drugs are Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved. They are produced by well known multinational pharma companies.


How long does it take for the drug to reach my place?

It will reach you within 7-12 days of placing the order and making the payment.