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Efudex Cream

Starting from $25.00

Fluorouracil (flore oh YER a sill) topical
Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
1 Tube Efudex 1% Cream (10gm) $28.00 $28.00
3 Tubes Efudex 1% Cream (10gm) $75.00 $25.00
1 Tube Efudex 5% Cream (10gm) $52.00 $52.00
3 Tubes Efudex 5% Cream (10gm) $152.00 $50.67

Efudex cream is intended for the cure of various Actinic or Solar Keratoses. Fluorouracil is the active pharmaceutical drug present in the Efudex cream. Solar Keratoses is the skin condition which is caused due to a longer time of exposure to the sunlight.  This active drug belongs to the category of the Antineoplastic agent. The main mechanism of Efudex is to inhibit the intensification of certain cells and finally cause the death of the cancerous cell. Efudex cream is mainly used for the management of numerous actinic or solar keratosis and superficial basal cell carcinomas


Doses instructions for Efudex cream

 Wash down the affected region where the cream is to be applied. Apply the Efudex cream constantly by using nonmetal applicator or appropriate glove. If you are directly using your hands to apply the Efudex cream then rinse your hands correctly previous to apply and later than using the cream. Apply a skinny layer of Efudex cream. Stay away from getting in touch with of cream with eyes, mouth, and nose.


 Adverse effects of Efudex cream           

individual may face certain side effects after using this cream such as Burning and crusting of skin, Erosion, Hyperpigmentation, Irritation and pain in skin, Dermatitis, Feeling of vomiting, Fever with chilling effects, Mouth sores, Abdomen pain (stomach pain), Ulcerations.


Who should not apply Efudex cream?

  • Under some medical condition, Efudex cream is not applied because it is harmful;
  • Pregnant lady and lactating mothers should not use this formulation.
  • It is highly contraindicated to use in that individual who are having a certain allergic reaction with active and inactive drug components. 
  • It is contraindicated in that patient who is deficient in dihydropyridine dehydrogenase (DPD) enzyme.

Use with some cautions

Some precautions should be taken while using Efudex cream;


  • Avoid the long contact with the sun as it may make your skin more responsive towards sunlight.
  • Avoid the get in touch with of Efudex cream with eyes, mouth, and nose.
  • Always use sunscreen lotion and wear sun protective clothes always while going outside.

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