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Calcipotriene (kal-si-poe-TRY-een) Topical
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1 Tube Dovonex Ointment (30 gm) $91.00 $91.00
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Dovonex is a potent medication used to care of psoriasis (a skin disease in which red, scaly patches form due to increased production of skin cells in some areas of the body). It contains Calcipotriene as a strong effectual ingredient which is a man-made form of Vitamin D3 derivative. That falls under the category of synthetic Vitamin D3 derivative. The accurate mode of action of Dovonex is not yet known to be completely, it has been shown to have comparable affinity with calcitriol for the vitamin D receptor(VDR), while being less than 1% as active as the calcitriol in regulating calcium metabolism T cells play a vital role in cure of Psoriasis ,and binding of Calcitriol modulated the T cells gene transcription of cell differentiation and proliferation-related genes, which slow down the growth of skin cells.


Dosage regimen of Dovonex

Dovonex is accessible in cream form, which is meant for topical application and not be taken by mouth. One should have to apply the cream on affected area twice in a day and you have to apply it on skin only. Before using wash your hand properly. apply a thin layer of medicament on affected area and rub it genially. Follow all the restriction given on leaflets and given by your doctors. avoid contact with eyes and mouth, and after applying medicament wash out your hands. don't use the medication for a longer period of time than recommended as it may lead to a serious adverse reaction.


Conflicting factors of Dovonex

One should have to avoid the use of Dovonex if one is allergic to Calcitriol or any other medication. If you are a pregnant woman then before using Dovonex consult your doctor first. If you are already taking any other prescription drugs or calcium or vitamin supplements then before using Dovonex tells about it to your doctor.


Side effects which one is going to face while using Dovonex include itching, redness on skin, skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, weakness.


Preventive measures of Dovonex

Don't use any other vitamins or calcium supplements along with Dovonex as it may hinder the drug activity or causes side effects. Avoid the direct contact with sun exposure and heat to the affected area. Don't use any other medication if you are using Dovonex for skin treatment. 

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