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Adapalene (a-DAP-a-leen)
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Differin, a generic Adapalene comes under the class of retinoid. Adapalene prohibits keratinocyte differentiation which causes adapalene’s comedolytic effect. It has anti-inflammatory and exfoliating properties. It is applied externally topically to renew skin cells and prohibits excessive breakouts.


Conditions for which Differin is used: Differin has a property of skin renewal similar to vitamin A. It along with renewing skin cells are also used to cure breakouts in patients above 12 years of age.


Dosage information: a) Dose recommended: Differin should be applied one time per day on affected area before you go to sleep. It takes few weeks or in some, months for effective treatment.


b) The method of use: First wash your face with water and wipe it with tissue to let it dry. Take pie size amount on a finger tip and apply on breakouts or on affected skin area.

c) Missed dose: If you forgot your schedule, then apply it when you remember or start using it from other day.    

d) Overdose: Never take double amount while application, as it can lead to irritation.


Warnings and precautions of Differin: It is used externally on the skin, stop applying to the sensitive area such as lips, areas around the skin. Avoid harsh skin care products. Never apply on the sunburned area or broken skin. After its application avoid sun exposure. In the case of allergies, share your report to the doctor. If your acne remains as such even after 8 to 12 weeks of application, then before stopping consult your doctor. Do not use alpha hydroxy and glycolic acid along with Differin. Use it as per your skin specialist advise.


Side effects of Differin: Various side effects which get more severe after application of Differin are as:


  • Allergic reaction ( hives, irritation, hives, swelling of face)
  • Dryness, burning sensations
  • Warmth, stinging
  • Redness, itching, tingling

Drug interactions: Adapalene increases the efficacy of Clindamycin. Application of adapalene cream or gel on the skin before 5 min of Clindamycin use causes affective penetration of Clindamycin in skin and elevates efficacy of the drug in comparison to Clindamycin use alone.

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