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CHOLESTYRAMINE - (koh LES tri a meen)
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Cholestyramine is a useful and effective drug used to lower the increased cholesterol level and it may lessen the threat of heart attacks or strokes. It is also used for the treatment of itching.


If you are facing the condition of high cholesterol levels, use Cholestyramine and get over from the condition. It is a USFDA approved drug.

Mechanism of action-

Cholestyramine is a generic form of the drug, which is available under various brand names in the market. Cholestyramine is a bile acid sequestrant. The main mode of action of Cholestyramine is to eliminate bile acids from the body and converts cholesterol from the blood to bile acids.


Contradictory factors-

If you are hypersensitive to generic Cholestyramine, do not use it. If you are suffering from the condition of heart or chest pain, do not consume it. If there is a history of hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, constipation, or low blood volume, do not consume this medication or ask the physician about your medical condition.


Dosage regimen for Cholestyramine-

The most recommended and initial dose of Cholestyramine is 4gm, once or twice in a day. This dose may base on the age, medical condition, or tolerance of the particular person. You may feel some side effects after consuming the dose of Cholestyramine such as abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, vomiting, and rapid breathing.


Safety measures while using Cholestyramine-

You should not consume this medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it may damage fetus or infant. This drug is not intended for pediatric and geriatric patients. Stop the consumption of alcohol along with this drug as it may alter the way of absorption of Cholestyramine. 

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