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Buy Pain-O-Soma 500MG online @ USA | UK | Europe | Canada | Australia

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Carisoprodol - Pain-O-Soma - 500mg
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Pain-o-soma is powerful and efficient muscle relaxant, which is generally prescribed to those individuals who are suffering from muscle pain. Generic carisoprodol is a primary pharmaceutical factor establish in the Pain-o-soma. This therapy should not continue for long time period as it is a habit forming medication. This muscle relaxant therapy is not meant for pediatric patients under the age group of 12 years.  It is always administered along with physical exercise and with appropriate rest.

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How Pain-o-soma works?  

Pain-o-soma is first and foremost muscle relaxant medication, which is mainly given for managing the symptoms of muscle agony pain, muscle damage and muscle twinge. Generic Carisoprodol is available as an energetic component in this drug. Generic Carisoprodol demonstrates their valuable action by diminishing the muscle tone by obstructing the sensation of pain. It simply acts on the central nervous system of the human body and makes the relaxation of muscles of the whole body. Generic carisoprodol lessens the intensity of pain and gives instantaneous relief from the moderate to severe muscle twinge. This medication gives peaceful sleep at the night time.


Pharmacological uses of Pain-o-soma-  

Pain-o-soma is mainly prescribed for the treatment of-

  • ·         Physical injury and muscular pain

  • ·         Musculoskeletal pain like muscle spasm

  • ·         Muscle rigidity

  • ·         Muscle sprain and strain 


Dosing information of Pain-o-soma- 

The available doses of pain-o-soma are 350mg and 500mg. It is an orally administered tablet, so get it as orally with a plenty amount of water. Pain-o-soma tablets should be taken total four times in a day, in which 3 pills should be consumed within a day and 1 tablet should be taken night before going to sleep. Long term treatment of this treatment is strictly not recommended because it is a habit causing drug and it may cause the drug obsession. It should be always taken with food items.

If you skip a dose of Pain-o-soma- 

Get the missed dose of pain-o-soma medication as soon as you remember but don’t take twofold of pain-o-soma to trap the missed dose. 


In case of overdose of Pain-o-soma-

Major overdose symptoms of pain-o-soma are Diarrhea, vertigo, feeling of dizziness, stomach ache, nausea, dyspepsia and convulsion.

If you face any above mentioned symptoms then, immediately consult your doctor and get some medical treatment from your nearest hospital.

Drug- Drug Interaction of Pain-o-soma- 

List of medicines may interact with Pain-o-soma are-

  1. Anti-ulcer drugs- Omeprazole, Cimetidine, Ranitidine
  2. Opioid therapy-  Codeine, morphine
  3. Anti-coagulant medication- Warfarin and heparin
  4. Anti-tuberculosis- Rifampin and Isoniazid
  5. Narcotic drugs
  6. Benzodiazepines, Anti-convulsant medications
  7. Sleeping pills like Alprazolam and Lorazepam


Contraindications of pain-o-soma-

Pain-o-soma therapy is not to be taken in some medical circumstances like-

  1.  If you are sensitive to generic carisoprodol and any other active ingredient of it.
  2.  In case of any mood disorders like convulsions, Seizures and mood swings
  3.  If you have kidney and liver impairment
  4.  In case of children below the age group of 12 years
  5. Pregnant and lactating moms should not get this medical therapy.


Safety steps-

  1.  No need to drink alcohol along with this medicine.
  2.  No need to take benzodiazepines, narcotics, Analgesics, opioid and sedatives while using pain-o-soma.
  3.  Don’t get any other Analgesic medical therapy along with this pain-o-soma as it may cause drug interaction and lead to severe health issues.
  4.  Long term usage of pain-o-soma is not to be suggested.


Suitable storage of pain-o-soma-  

  • Most favorable storage temperature for this therapy is 300 C.

  • Keep this drug away from the range and view of children. 

  • It should be stored away from the direct exposure of sunrays, excess heat and moisture.      


Buy Pain-O-Soma 500MG @ USA | UK | Europe | Canada | Australia


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