Yaz is an extremely viable consolidated contraception pill utilized by most ladies to avoid pregnancy. It is a blend of female sexual hormones i.e. an estrogen (EthinylEstradiol) and a progestin (Drospirenone).


Aside from contraception, Drospirenone + EthinylEstradiol can likewise be recommended for the treatment of moderate skin break out in ladies more than 14 years old who additionally request contraception and have begun bleeding.



This one of a kind combo pill works fundamentally by restraining the procedure of ovulation (arrival of an egg amid your menstrual cycle). In the event that no egg is discharged, there is nothing to get embedded or treated and lady to get pregnant. It additionally causes the thickening of vaginal liquid keeping in mind the end goal to keep sperm from achieving the egg (treatment) and changes the covering of the womb or uterus to stop the connection of a prepared egg. Not with standing avoiding pregnancy, this pill makes your menstrual periods more settled, lessens the blood misfortune and hurting periods, and drops your danger of creating ovarian growths.



Purchase Yaz pills online to forestall pregnancy that may contain just progestin (single oral preventative pill) or might be a mix of estrogen and progestin (consolidated oral prophylactic).


Decisively, manufactured estrogen in the pill applies its activity to:


  • Discontinue the pituitary organ from shaping luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle invigorating hormone (FSH) keeping in mind the end goal to counteract egg discharge.
  • Maintain the covering of the uterus (endometrial) to dodge substantial draining mid-cycle.

What's more, manufactured progestin acts to:

  • To some degree this medication constrains the sperm's capacity to inseminate the egg.
  • Make the uterine coating uninviting to a treated egg.
  • Solidify the cervical bodily fluid to deter the development of sperm.
  • Discontinue the generation of LH hormone from pituitary organ so as to avoid egg discharge.


Every strategy for conception prevention concocts its own particular showcase of upsides and downsides, and a female will all things considered pick which is right for her by talking about with her specialist. On occasion finding the right choice can be a routine of hit and trial, contingent upon how a particular technique influences her body.


Women who take the blend pill must recollect to expend it once a day, and females on progestin-just oral preventative pills need to take it in the meantime day by day.




On the off chance that your life partner is not prepared for an infant now, she may decide on a fantastic alternative which we are putting forth you, Yaz Birth Control Pill.

How to take Yaz?


It is huge to take this medication effectively as suggested by your doctor. On the off chance that you skip pills whenever, the likelihood of getting pregnant increments.


In the event that you miss taking one pill, you ought to take it the minute you recall and keep taking the following pill at the standard time. In the event that you miss two pills consecutive amid the initial two weeks of your menstrual cycle, take two pills on the day you review and two pills the following day. From that point take one pill in a day until your pack gets over.


Reactions on taking this medication may incorporate swooning, wooziness, sudden serious or intensifying cerebral pain, vision or discourse issues, retching or shortcoming or deadness in the face, arm, or leg.



  • Try not to take this pill on the off chance that you:
  • Hypersensitive to this medication or Drospirenone, Ethinyl Estradiol
  • Suffer from dynamic liver or kidney issue.
  • Have or ever had heart conditions, for example, heart assault, coronary supply route sickness or any heart valve ailment.
  • Suffer from headache assaults.
  • Have or ever had blood thickening issue
  • Suffer from diabetes, have hypertension or elevated cholesterol.
  • Have an undiscovered substantial vaginal dying.


NOTE: Yaz does not secure you against STDs (AIDS or HIV disease); therefore you may in any case require other conception prevention strategies for example condoms also to guarantee a complete insurance from pregnancy.


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