Deciding abortion is not an easy task for awoman, she has to suffer a lot of problems. It may be mentally and physically. In abortion, the unwanted pregnancy is terminated outside the fetus.


When you have decided for abortion you should choose best and effective method. There are many methods of abortion, but most commonly used method is amedical method of abortion.In themedical method of abortion usually MTP kit isused throughout the world. By using this kit you do not have to go through any kind of surgery. It is less expensive and as compared to another method of abortion.  MTP kit (Abortion Pill) is more effective if the pregnancy is up to 63 days from last gestational period.




MTP kit is a combination medicine which contains Mifepristone andMisoprostol as the main active constituent. Mifepristone is anti-progesterone drugs that workby prohibiting the action of progesterone a hormone and changes the uterine wall lining. This causes detachment of the developing fetus from the womb and death of cells. Misoprostol comes under the class of Prostaglandin that shows action by developing uterine contraction. Due to this action, it causes theremoval of adead fetus along with blood and blood cells from the womb.


How to use MTP Kit:


You can take this medicationorally with the help of water. You are recommended totakeone pill of Mifepristone on the first day and wait for a couple of days.  After that you are suggested totake 4 tablets of Misoprostol, it can be used vaginally and orally after administration you have to wait for 14 days. Then consult the doctor for the affirmation regarding pregnancy has been successfully terminated.


Possible side effects of MTP kit:

Few common side effects may appear in some patients such as sleepiness,diarrhea, nausea, blurred vision, tired feeling, dizziness,headache, joint pain, vaginal bleeding, sickness,stomach cramping, and headache.


Precautions that should be followed while using MTP kit:


  • If you are allergic to this medication or to any of its other components then you should not take MTP kit for abortion.
  • Do not use alcohol along with MTP kit as it can cause adverse effects.
  • You should not use this medication if you have vaginal bleeding; severe blood disorders, severe liver and kidney disorder etc.


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