Her body accepted the seedling and now the fruit may fall direct from lap to cradle and there will be a full stop to her jubilant adventure. Yeah!!!Most of the time the women are not ready they say out it's condemnation for me. Why now, many plans are yet to be executed and haven't signed up for ecstatic moment. Not ready to conceive right now, due to either reason and want a reliable aid to pursue abortion and also respecting the patient's privacy.The upbringing of unwanted may turn scornful eve - i am not talking about the groaning pain, she will bear while giving birth but if an unwanted pregnancy occurs it will be a social stigma to her.



Yes! Here is an impressive medication that contains combination drug and most prevailing medication served by the name of MTP KIT.


Why suffer the squeezing pain caused due horrifying experience of female suffering rape. You can abort the medical condition at ease at home itself with help of a safe combination pill called MTP.


Although we all know pregnancy is a nothing but a divine experience that a couple may experience. Than what could be the possible reason that might turn you for opting, this MTP medication:-


  • Most of the time medication is served to save the mother's life. Now you must be wondering how, basically this drug is prescribed when mother is not yet prepared to bear the load and bearing this fetus may turn a life threatening event. So, doctors prescribe this MTP kit for complete execution of medical termination.
  • If unborn is bearing some kind of birth defect,under such condition doctor or parents have to terminate the fetus.
  • Due to lack of knowledge and poverty one may attain pregnancy due to failure of contraceptive measure.
  • Mother bearing load is incompetent to bear pregnancy due to her mental health she could not pursue the care of the fetus abortion is done.


How the drug MTP concerning method from the classical measure and why to opt for MTP kit?



  • The drug contains dual medication, which is shared in proper proportion of 1 tablet containing 200 mg Mifepristone and 4 tablets of Misoprostol where each tablet contains 200mg tablet.
  • The drug will save you from invasive procedures and instrument which are used to tear your endometrial lining.
  • You don't have to face off any medical professional and your privacy is not breached.


Before medication you, women should get her checked or go for self-evaluation that she had attained the parity or gravidity.

She can check herself at home with help of pregnancy test kits or HCG test strips or seek help of ultra sound.


Then, coming to the mechanism of the drug action of MTP kit: Basically the Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone drug. This will cut the natural hormone which plays vital role and also known as pregnancy hormone. This hormone supplies basic nutrition and air supply to the endometrium. Hence the endometrium matures and gets ready for the implantation of fetus, but MTP containing MIFEPRISTONE will cut the endometrial lining and bring bleeding this will uproot the fetus out from the womb.



Other hand Misoprostol is prostaglandin analogue that will provoke the expulsion of the uterus lining by inducing peristaltic movement.

Hence these two medicaments provide synergistic effect and assure complete and safe abortion.


Guide for intake of MTP pills:

On day 1: take single pill of Mifepristone over fasting condition along plain water.

After gap of 24 hour, on Day 3: take 4 tablet of Misoprostol orally via mouth without any regard of meal or empty stomach. If any patient has stomach ulcer she can take the medication via vaginal route too.


BUY MTP KIT for safe and private way to conclude unwanted pregnancy