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Lorazepam - Larpose - Lopez - Ativan Generic

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Lorazepam 2mg
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Ativan contains Lorazepam as an active constituent that is commonly used to manage anxiety. This medication is also used to manage anxiety disorders, trouble sleeping, active seizures including status Epilepticus, for surgery to interfere with memory formation, alcohol withdrawal, and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. This medication belongs to a class of medication known as benzodiazepines. It shows action by slowing the activity of chemicals that produces anxiety in the brain to allow for relaxation.


Dosage regimen of Ativan:

The usual recommended dose of Adult Dose for Anxiety is initial dose: 2 to 3 mg orally per day administered 2 to 3 times per day orally with sufficient amount of water.  Maintenance dose is 1 to 2 mg orally 2 to 3 times a day. Take this medication each day at same time. Do not chew swallow as a whole.


What are the contraindications of Ativan?

  • You should not use this medication in the case you are hypersensitive towards ingredient present in the Ativan.
  • Do not use this medication if you are suffering from narrow-angle glaucoma, myasthenia gravis, seizures or epilepsy, and alcohol addiction.
  • Do not use this medication in the case of asthma or other breathing disorder.
  • Do not use any other medication without consulting conductor.


What are the precautions of Ativan?

  • This medication is only prescribed for a short time; do not use it for longer duration without consulting a doctor.
  • Do not suddenly stop the administration of Lorazepam suddenly as you may feel unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, including a seizure.
  • In the case of breastfeeding and cancer, you should consult a doctor before administration.
  • This medication is habit-forming so do not use this medication for longer duration.

What are the side effects of Ativan?

Drowsiness, weakness, slurred speech, lack of balance or coordination, memory problems, feeling unsteady.

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